Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the clown

embedded loza ,town
buried ,was the losa
con el texto invisible
,town redaction o el
texto fulminantement
enfangado ,invisible
in the mud transparent
town was gnats and
clouds was fango wit
h yr shoe embedded
texto wiped and bur
nt across your back

...sube” ,dijo.


la revista

sort the shadow was
the itch to come in
side the shadow shines
behind the hole ahead
an itch relapsed will
annotape your loss of
shadowed skin was w
ill shone 10 years a
go the hole is lost my
annotation coming up in
side the shadow wh
ere I talked into the h

...will wear the burnt shirt...


the shove

,spread ,grout ,calm
,faucet spread ,out the
paw ,watch or clam be
hind the faucet ,spread
your fingers ,was the
wind watched ,tongue
the window ,stone ,tumb
rel ,rubber key or ton
gue fills the hairy
hole your wind in
spection ,tumbrel tumb
a ,rubber ear your fin
gers open ,clam or
clalm swelling in the

...false ,was inhibition.

the soiled

flat fog ,flat nor tecolote
spelled and numbered was the
fog inherent in your clamber
toward the spelling of your
neck your tecolote hab
it flat and rounded was
a snore of sugar numbered
neck and fog regurgitation
of the tecolote regurgitation s
pelling cloud and mud o
nube ni fango flat and
sounded like your roaring

...running running...


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