Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the circular skin

bbloat ed actuarial st
aircase “destroy this” chalk
leg chewn the night skin walked
away ah enormous wet diner
sausage gravy rushing down the
steps the quantum fugue tri
angle ,text and nose implants
,vowels enough the toothcave’s
aureole uh horse mouthed c c
oughing at the glittery wwall’s
hot albescent heifer ,sh
ift of gasoline in the dia
aphanous sluffing of your
cornea ,blubbery modernism
,eels ergsing in yr steamy
caldo or the dim instamatic jun
ta seated in the public library
oh nihilist sph incter you sur
round and slept a
brupt ,ass rising to the gal
actic sea flush with rayos
X under the plumbing of
Tlaltelolco what dental
bullshit sslivered en la
enssaladda bbrumossa cóm
ete la gorra de jejenes ,s
andstorm ,d ripping box ,st
ringy lip-synch lettuce man
ure and yr uncombed
face crawling with lun
g g the ))luna dull in its
mas k of cabb age

With bits from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 61, 2013;
Ivan Argüelles’ “chaos”, “what is a poet”,
“Valum Votan, a childhood”, 2013;
and John M. Bennett, from Nothing.


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