Monday, December 23, 2013

the egg

decipher pursued the tw
isting hole salt rentata ,gr
ass and win d a c omb ,somb
ra in the gasoline or ticketless
travel ,fangfarms ,smould
ering parking lots ,the fun
eral slophats or Golgotha fun
nel ,quonset ghost over
whelmed with ,the crusted
clock falling from the chim
ney ,digital ball in your
eyes a code jaw teleph
one hammers through a pl
umbing event my shorts and
wasps ,ceiling books ,a
utonomo bone glyph en
graved in the tents the toll
booth filled wiuth diarrhea
action tholo buttib hair
dark wall’s end of rotor
time miasmic suit in the
bottom of a ,well ,banks and
burbats ,ineffable photograph
,a maddened moth in a cave or
scented pool of shoelettuce ,st
reaming slugs go to sleep in t
he basement where the faint
cinema crushed a watery
mirror or fossil opens its
stony valves the sea the
radish the pants bill
owing in the distance ,br

From Jim Leftwich, Six Months Aint
No Sentence, Book 60; Ivan Argüelles,
“the Hymn to Clio”, “from the Hymn to
Persephone”; and John M. Bennett,
from nothing.


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