Tuesday, June 5, 2012


hole in the tempo shirt
shirt shirt shirt sheet
emit word risk pause
and crisp el lamuyo
linguistic fish mile snore
pulmón cluster occluded
soot stux carmesí shut
lake basement plunges
next the blanket meatrug
coil span of ears the
darkest ladder state
textual glass forma for
ma forma forma forma
anarchistic signatures fuego
fuego fuego behind the
circled mask chronological
intransigence beehive foaming
the foggy throat it it it
it it it it it futures
deploying history sphere
errors los pasos in
minentes my slump cast
rubble exchanges muffler
bones the flock of
finance crabs the pork
pandemic nostalgia d
riven languages have
passed the clawed cave
tongue liberates thinking
slivers in the glue rea
son fucking cut-up em
bolismo it’s a comicbook
excavada el aire economy
hopping sewn johnee fes
tive blubber self or
desire popoca popoca
popoca varecou rece
fraug nozzles warehouse
my bum puddle gar
gled stem eftwing be
haviour synthesis rain and
corn masks the lawnmower’s
seeping maskks in the
basement lubate hamster
spans forgetting fire un
derground fire worms
milk jacked lúmenes
shat in shadow bífida
staircase chain’s role
across yr face audio
monuments the finger blodt
grunt theater’s wars corn
flakes breaded plants the
focused dog of lake
suits surgery freedom
mute mute mute mute
intolerable cigars sink
uh plunging leaf uh
paper coal silence
in the sun

Found in Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 22, 2012
John M. Bennett’s BLOCK,
Luna Bisonte Prods, 2012


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