Sunday, November 6, 2011


dog crack temp us
er lurch a back de
sk blade you doze a
pon d entro la piedr
ita ver de muestro la
or -illa -reja d onde se
re trae lo dicho y
la dicha woof in shoe
your carried corn and

better c rash bet tore
foam an mice be
neat h yr c ouch
a drifted knife .the
dirt stool shines the
word rain:::sweat tocks
me off o suma leche
en la losa consumada
en la )nada nado( por
quería de mis aguas

so walked back singing from the lake


line of corn your gaze
shrub steak deck _O O _
coursing ladder necked my
dents ears thumbed yr
metate navegante the
doubled blade mass the
stinked sock you wore
for ears pa pa pa
duh trust maet ahn
loooming ststalkk

the sharper duck rack
pelter comb my ate mu
scle hunh hunh the w
ind crowded in un sto
nes yr ,heard the steps
re burn . . . an
dick day cut o plas
tic bag coughing in my
shadow !¡

were legs twisting on the beach


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