Monday, April 11, 2011

Take a Walk

my lunger shadow ÷ dog air
blocks sight ÷ smelly fridge shoe
gritty sandwich hair ÷ whole frost
windy ear ÷ my damp flake
the smoking bowl ÷ dust dottle
shuttered gnats ÷ crusted coffee sleep
your phone lint ÷ exhalation flag
blot book ÷ sticky ink licked
mud lumber wallowed ÷ foggy stair
stare crowd ÷ my nested armpits
mice and toast ÷ lost lentil
chewed shoelace ÷ the exit time
flocks of hats ÷ doubled lens
poured cloud ÷ my gutted sleeve


lotsa lamido eres ,cas de so
bar the throne your eggs
boil in ,the greasy lens c
rumbled in your meat fog
and lint .towel your arm ni
modo te secas ,fotogénico ,lastras
spilling down the mirror your
leg plunged in ,cochino tossed a
head the sandwich where yr
tongue twists through o speak
an bauble ,rub your leg !
isolation and your backside
swims around the wall fo
aming and foaming the sp
inning ear ,dropping a spoon


gn shape of
gn door of
gn loose of
gn mine of
gn neck of
gn crack of
of jack gn
of dreck gn
of time gn
of shoes gn
of snore gn
of plate gn

hush o hunch
each o lef t
pile ,moho


===master fork===
==lest must==
=too turn=

core gore

“¡ rice !”

mat mind
clot dog

warf warf
t oo s

ooothe shooter lunchooo
oothe glob clinchoo
othe aw soto

the o u h

must mind wave
atop the steps

sp it win d


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