Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Give Me Lip

lip my draining meal my tube rejection
of the dork packer oh the scrawling
louds the fumes and ice whap wh
ap your plate the dock the slivers
puddled at my feet my talking ash
ash talking my feet my puddled fat
slivers the dock the plate your wh
ap whap ice and fumes .the louds
scrawling the oh packer dork the re
jection tube’s my meal draining my lip

It’s All Under Control

so I pummeled in the throat the thro
at of nests sticky nests ,all thumby
like gassed and missed my wind
“ow” )mute( testing thickly where I
galed and re ingurgitated .septic corn
gruel’s toxic sucker uh sugar mile the
thorny pantomime the muddy water dr
owns my wall my page my flattened
face against the floor .the plan was
perfect when my turd dissolved my
turd balloon thumps the
ceiling of my tumbling


rug lung mano tomb beast crow
ded with a clouded mouth my
inverse referential ,combed the
teeth the jaw sailing on the
roof .my facial wall my clung
limb retraction focused water gl
ass slappy lengua sbpluttering
in an ear I slept among the
dog hair ,toothpicks ,peels and peels

gouges ,tongues ,fogs
bladder’s hidden

stone light

crime an rime

mute an mount

butt an ,crumble

few numb spoon


twice the leg milk

cheep shit
lung bird the
cracker one the
sung fish

slept inside my hair
belt outside my
air tune my


in vestígio

ojito socarrón

la so ga
so lina ga
sa por
que no ves na
me aire


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