Sunday, March 25, 2018


the singed book yr th
roat 's )hot cough( stain a
skull 's bent up clown sn
ore's glory sneezed a a a
deruddered foot at roof's

putifacto putiplácido putiplenimondar

dripped off em leg ged re
ductionedist bruma em
BLAzoned EMBlazoned embl
azONEd whisker-like a flatt
ened mask you ssay ? “smell
the hand's bare slaw eye” un
der a s lack d rift of as
hy pages )small bad leg( nim
ias y numenescas ,tu flujo
refulgente )“hot lap heard”(
)dream of a dead squirrel is a
head rotting in a bucket is a
small room walled with TVs
blaring PUTIboca pUTIboca
PUTIBOCA orange drool
pools on the floor a
tiny hand jerks and splashes
in the fli ckering li ght( ( ( ( ( (

lint pages
leg clown fog

Que d'atrocités n'a t'elle pas produit!
- M. Boinvilliers, Cacographie, 1819


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