Thursday, August 17, 2017

hack it off

page of corn que me he comido
,lustros ha ; oh consolante horreur !
)Chaussepierre( my face mask's sw
irling hair's the stream your voice was th
TEETH and gravel ; la bouche ouverte,
, , , , )Chaussepierre( “I twisted
back my eyes” your naked saw ,chain of
mice crosses room gets lost in the hall
)page of storm( ! , ; dans la
coupe )Chaussepierre( alguna cosita no vista
ví ,la ventan a bierta un fue fuego fué o
aalaa page of form tongue climbs the wall
que conozco que no he conocido thum
b rain pounds my greasy specs my
hand's cut off ,g rasping a a i i r r

, , les entrailles , ?rien
- Charles-Georges Coqueley de Chaussepierre


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