Wednesday, July 12, 2017

los pasos perdidos

I am not your foot )D. Lynch(
for all yr ashy needs cum
breabismo lock dog show sw
eat sleep fistula was your
daily rice INHALE THE
FOG was wilted soup step
away the snore's bang light
\\seeming drip ‘ ‘// nor shoe
beneath the beach a
temple ,lonely groan a
THTHUNDER'S backitch
flood I am not the walk
foot I am not not and
flood your second floor I am
not your second floor so
easy rumbled past a neck cr
eeping out the b eded neck's
skull-hung ::dim mu d d
rains be tween yr socks ,em
bandaged sammich am yr
steep claw grease

Ni ma gorge de son silence
- Paul Éluard


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