Thursday, October 8, 2015

porus & lexical

s un a sh adow kee
ps a legg tten tative
rock light s lid off o
ff the eedge de flect
ion corn ers b oil the
sleep glass boil the
be d's in version is
yr s kin's pert ruins
crumble in the lipless
cave or page eating
air or p age see s
ping through h air thr
u ta ch air la maison
du cul mination's d
ark photos of the
camera as it cl
atters on the floor yr
teeth bulging in an en
velope ceiling circles
down beneath your
feet the 7 directions
chaos in the center's
rain copulation there
is no other side the ot
her side's your falling
street your hand's the
rope swaying off the
cl iff

After Ivan Argüelles' El Sueño


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