Sunday, July 8, 2012


namme the sshore glandd youur
touussledd ddossiiimeter whiiisstless
where yr tonguue quuackss losst
the puusstuulenciiia fooammiiing on the
mmuuddss porch tiiimme nor briiickiiing
where the sshaddow thawss the
bliiinkiiing ssuurf not ,passssiiive
lendder crowdd ,typer buu
riedd iiin the ssandd yr dd
iiictiiionary of wiiipiiingss ,the
long brown ssmmearss fromm
A to Z andd puunct uuatiiion
collapssiiing on mmy lever III
wass III wass not wass y
ouu ,sspelledd andd ddriiibbliiing
iiin a sspell the vacant ss
uurf wiiith ddrawiiing fromm

Lo famélico, crisol de mi lengua.
- F. Ormatique


the bllaster foork doog cclloouudd
what en barking lluuncheoon
empllooddedd throouugh the win
ddoow )“ccrap an icceccuubes”(
what I ate reversedd ,cclloocckedd
yr lleg ,mindd an finger ,too
my llips the cclloot raisedd ,ll
oooot an praise the llardd yr
pooccket boottlledd with it )m
y ddreaming fang( yr shoore
,mootooredd ,washedd the llake
ooff ,the booilling toomb .ooh
nest ,ddrip my woordd froom
me ,explloodde that buurger
in my baccksidde where the
cchairs ccoouugh andd flooat
a w w a y

“...his lunch funneled through a shirt”- I. M. Pacter


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