Friday, August 5, 2011

shot the fog ●●●::::lipo
suction dogged the
alley ri vered with cats
my sw elling boot
throat my handunition
swoll with ticks and
severaled ho urs )you
spit into the wal L ets

dice and meat the vi
nes ripple through yr
sleeve no ear to wav e
~ a corn sandwich
folded in my pocket ~
))his grimy rabbit sl
eeps beneath the
steps(( th steps(((

soon the torn lango tries
ta ,ape crisco ,sh oe yr
laptop so my spoke
rudder tremb les his )l
og nostril( aims the br
eeze ))shadow of your
too t my stridulation
s n e e z e ( ( (

user loaf ,ton flaque
,the loft chew my sin
ger in his ear she cry
stals in the mothy la
ke you forget again
.fry the surface tens
ion and my comb luck
na M es

ay hazy gun lake doubt
faster smoke than
sugar laundried in the
seizure of your humid
eyesight was a leaking
hound whalloped with
my pasta bowl an ar
fingarfing on the ≈
s h o r e

drain suit ,number
model chattered loot in
back garage the dust
an tunn eled mice my
whee zing ... sleeves
and ti res fulla ooo b
alls an shrivelled birds

dazed and stamped
into the box пп noted
wallet fulla lur ch an ≈
swallow ,my fas ter
cheese he )choked(
be e s float on wind ~~
my comb you drenched
≈ sle eping in his
swirling ≈ thr o n e

the mud blocks glisten
mu te fish twitch in
wind c lay □≈□≈□ your
draining wall my feet
knew pas t __п п___
your stumbli ng stream
≈ a spoon an knife OV
beneath the stones


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