Monday, July 25, 2011

mantequilla y perro mús
culo y ,shore skin ,fún
ebres las meriendas ,tus
cumbres OJITAS cierran
los ojos de tu zapato iz
quierdo it’s a comicbook
una escalera de carne

my shoulder’s sluggage
sent yr tenedor into the
floor a grimy pisant thought
into my coffee EMBOLISMO
tugged his pantseat toward
the exit salerosa y tus bra
zos comb the aire excavada

piece of chanchresore your
lint quivers past my face an
eye he peels an butt ons to
a gun like SHOE or
focus neck or plunger
dripped beneath the bed
some lint ... tossing there

clot glowing in the sheet I
,slowmix ,trumble ,gag the
shoelace he was mast icate
was DINK clamored honey
sleeped and slowing down
the wall the empty pool
beyond ,heavy with its
wa ≈T≈ er

the buzzing boat the
alley glistened with your
mu cous like a thong you
wore a GATE swirling in
my laundry ))≈(( bl ood
floated past his pool the
clouds were turning
gr ee n

neck and insole grizzly
with my stink you crow
ded in my soapdish like
a gutted FROG yanking
on his string he’s swil
ling at my face the numb
ers dry and crumble


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